28 April 2012

The Weekend Is Here! (From Bali With Love)

I have the weekend off and I'm back to see what I can stir up in blog land. It's quite late here though…almost midnight, so I'll leave you today with a new look for the site. Just a quick upgrade and play around with patterned backgrounds, colors, sidebar widgets, etc. Let me know your thoughts and I'll try to tune in tomorrow for a fresh Bali blog post…after I go shopping with my hubby and kiddos!

Goodnight world!

From Bali With Love,

02 February 2012

And The Winner Is... (From Bali With Love)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway contest and commented on the giveaway post for a chance to win the beautiful prize!
 I used a random generator to pick the winner based on the number of comments posted.
  And the winner of the MadeByGirl LOVE print is...

...comment #2, Kelly Shropshire!

Congratulations Kelly! Please message me your address and which of the ten color prints available you would like to receive!

31 January 2012

Bali, Then & Now (From Bali With Love)

Long ago I found this website and it's been safely hidden away in my bookmarks until I recently discovered it again. It has some amazing old photographs of Bali. For those of you who are familiar with Bali, you will be stunned, but in case you aren't familiar with Bali, I've located a few recent photos for comparison.
Earliest Map of Bali, 1618
Cock Fighting, Legian Markets, 1977
Jalan Legian, 1972
Jalan Legian Today...from Here.
Jalan Legian Today...from Here.
Jalan Legian Today...from Here.
SolidDev Band @ Jalan Legian Today...taken from Here.  
Jalan Legian Today...taken from Here.
Jalan Legian Today...taken from Here.
Jalan Legian is pretty quiet early in the day but at night, it's the one stop, bar hopping street that draws many tourist and locals alike.

Kuta Square Construction, 1993
Kuta Square Today...taken from Here.
Kuta Square is great for shopping. There are both local and western restaurants around this area, as well as an eyeglass store, shall you need to buy glasses or contacts :) And just a quick walk over to Kuta Beach, lands you your own front row spot to watch the sunset.

Poppies Lane 2, 1986
Poppies Lane Today...taken from Here.
Poppies Lane Today...taken from Here.
Poppies Lane Today...taken from Here.
Poppies Lane Today...taken from Here.
Poppies Lane Today...taken from Here.
Both Poppies Lane 1 and 2 are very narrow street ways now, with barely enough room for one car to travel down. It is definitely a ride you have to experience yourself with dozens or more bikes and cars trying to take these roads at the same time, all while trying not to run over the one hundred people walking around. Exaggeration...not really! :)

Be sure to check out the entire collection of Bali past images, taken from HERE.

30 January 2012

2 days left! (From Bali With Love)

Only 2 days left to win the giveaway!

 There's TEN color choices available: gold, silver, blue raspberry, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, lavender, mint, bubblegum and watermelon.

Makes great decor for your home or nursery, give as a Valentine's present or use it as part of your wedding decor.

Enter for your chance to win HERE.

Images taken from MadeByGirl.

A Place For Happiness (From Bali With Love)

USA TODAY listed Bali as one of the top ten places to find happiness. So what did the acclaimed author Paul Theroux have to say about Bali?
"It's the grace and aesthetic appeal. I just love the colors, the artistic sense of the Balinese. They can do anything. They can weave, they can carve, they can dance, play instruments, sing. Their houses are beautiful, their clothes are beautiful, they have temples, they have the most wonderful dances and ceremonies."
Do you really need to hear more? I didn't think so either. So stop saying "one day" and hop on a plane to check out the scenery in Bali!

You can check out the full ten spots at USA TODAY Travel.
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