02 January 2011

Ayana ROCK Bar (From Bali With Love)

So I've showed you Ayana's Resort, Spa and Restaurants......Now, I saved the best (and my favorite) for last...The Ayana ROCK BAR, literally, a bar on the ROCKS! Ayana opened the award winning Rock Bar in 2009. 
The bar is nestled along with cliffs, 46 feet (14 meters) above the Indian Ocean with a 360-degree view. There is also an outdoor, inclined elevator that takes you down to the Rock Bar. 
The bar was designed by Yasushiro Koichi from Japan's Design Studio SPIN. 
You can enjoy drinks with friends or have a romantic evening while listening to a LIVE band on the weekends and a DJ on weekdays.
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What to see more of Ayana Rock Bar? Just go HERE and Enjoy!

Visit Ayana's website and see all of the GORGEOUSNESS for yourself!

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