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Welcome! My name is Anna. I'm an American, who left the corporate world behind, sold everything I owned and moved to Bali, Indonesia with two suitcases to my name. Long story short, I fell in love, started a family and set up shop in Bali. I'm a blogger, an occasional web designer, freelance editor and social media content manager. On top of all those titles, I'm a stay-at-home mom to two precious girls.

My Blog
My blog journey has been an interesting learning experience. I originally started my blog, in 2007, as a way to document my love for travel. During my pregnancy, it became sort of a bullentin board for anything and everything that interested me. Now, I'm focused and committed to using my blog as an outlet for all things I love about Indonesia. I share expat experiences about life in Indonesia, as well as my passion for food, travel, weddings and design.

My Business
I will be launching From Bali With Love, this year. It's an online shop of various products from throughout the archipelago. Stay tuned for more! 

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