26 December 2007

Christmas Day (From Bali With Love)

Today is Christmas and it has been pouring rain since I woke up...but I am loving every single second and every single drop. I was invited to a friend of my friends house for Christmas dinner.

We drove to Seminyak for "an open house"...the rain actually wasn't that bad by the time we left but most streets were flooded and both bikes and cars had trouble driving through some areas. Once at Villa Uchi's, I was in love already with the view, atmosphere, people's warm smiles, laughter, the children running around, and of course, the wonderful food.

We ate and ate and ate...spicy fish, green curry-type stuff, spicy beef, potatos, pasta salad, more spicy meat, sticky rice, coconut, a dessert which consisted of salt wrapped in a banana leaf...the list goes on and on.

Ibu and her husband were nice and welcomed me in their home. I enjoyed them and hope to visit with them again on my next return to Bali.

Next stop, back to the hotel to get ready to go out foe the night.

Next, Hard Rock Cafe for the band's friend's performance. So, this is the funniest thing. I get into the Cafe and see the band and I realize that I saw them 6 months before playing at Hard Rock Cafe in Jakarta with my friend Dinie! They even remembered me, which I found to be obsurd, but then Bien, the lead singer said, "No, really, there's not a lot of white people that come to Jakarta"...and I said "ok, yeah, you're right." They did a wonderful job performing and I hope my path crosses with theirs again soon!

Next stop, Circle K for drinks and Pot Mie...I love Indonesia...then back to the hotel to eat, listen to music and hang out for a bit. A lot was discussed and told and joked about. It was a great time.

"Destiny is calling me..."

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