19 May 2008

BMW Charity Pro-Am Golf Tournament (From Bali With Love)

Luke Wilson!!!
The BMW Charity Pro-Am is the only tournament on the Nationwide Golf Tour where amateurs, celebrities and Golf Tour Professionals are paired up to compete in a four-day golf competition.

The celebrities that are scheduled to compete in this year’s event include: Joe Pesci, Dennis Quaid, Luke Wilson, Greg Kinnear, Kurt Russell, Catherine Bell, Oliver Hudson, Wayne Gretzky, Janet Jones-Gretzky, Ty Gretzky, Kevin Sorbo, Dave Coulier, Stefanie Schaeffer, Patrick Warburton, Michael Pena, Sterling Sharpe, Kordell Stewart, Jason Dohring, Josh Kelley, Cheech Marin, Javier Colon, Steve Azar, Gary Valentine, Mark Rypien, Branford Marsalis, Pat Green, George Rogers, Ben Wright and Jennifer Mills.

I went to Thornblade Golf Course in Greenville on Saturday and saw the follwing celebrities:

Catherine Bell
Jason Dohring
Greg Kinnear
Michael Pena
Joe Pesci
Dennis Quaid
Stefanie Schaeffer
Gary Valentine
Luke Wilson

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