03 July 2008

Yes Yes Yes (From Bali With Love)

I wish we could do this here. Even when I went to Indonesia, a lot of the “downtown” or main “Marketsquare” shops were using the eco friendly durable cloth bags for customer’s purchases rather than cheap plastic bags...some shops even had their logo/name on them. A third world country that is almost a whole world away from us can see the damage plastic bags cause...it's time for a change America!

Los Angeles adopts proposal to ban plastic bags
Antara,Los Angeles | Wed, 07/02/2008 3:02 PM

A Los Angeles City Council committee on Tuesday adopted a proposal to ban plastic bags in supermarkets.

Under the proposal, the use of plastic bags will be banned at all supermarkets and retail stores in Los Angeles beginning Jan. 1, 2012 where a bag fee has not yet been established, said the committee.

Consumers in the city of Los Angeles use 2.3 billion plastic bags a year. For the average retailer, plastic bags cost 2 to 5 US cents, compared to biodegradable plastic bags that can cost 8 cents to 17 cents.

The negative consequences of plastic bags and polystyrene containers includes increased waste to landfills, increased litter and community blight, the associated clean-up costs and the impact on our environment, especially marine ecosystems, said Neil Guglielmo from the Bureau of Sanitation.

The city of Los Angeles spends more than US$20,000 a year on polystyrene products, Guglielmo said.(**)

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