14 January 2009

Rain, Rain...(From Bali With Love)

Top Photo
CITY BOAT: A man pushes his three-wheeled vehicle through a flooded road in Muara Baru, North Jakarta, on Monday. Heavy rains on early Monday caused floods in many parts of the city.
***Taken from the Jakarta Post 13.1.09.

Bottom Photo
WATER BOOM: Children watch as high tides break against an embankment in Muara Angke, North Jakarta, on Tuesday. Heavy rain and high tides inundated large parts of the city and brought traffic to a stand still.
***Taken from the Jakarta Post 14.1.09.

I had to post this as some people are totally unaware of what happens in other parts of the world. Indonesia experiences flooding every year throughout the year in different locations. Sometimes due to heavy rains, broken dams, volcanic activity or even poor infrastructure....They deal with these types of things, day in and day out. They still work, live, play, go about their business. If we here have a little bit of snow or rain, we don't want to even leave our house or go to work or the store....

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