10 January 2010

Busy Week...(From Bali With Love)

Hello everyone! I've been super busy this past week trying to get organized in the new home but since it's Monsoon season here and the main mode of transportation is by motorbike, there's plenty of time to spend at home to get some things done. I'm working on uploading some pictures to share with you this week of home improvements, a DIY project of mine and a surprise!

ALSO, I've also been super busy trying to revamp my blog's look so please be patient with me as I move things around and add new features. I plan to add a link list for blog help. During my current blog-revamp-still-in-progress project, I found some customizations easy to do and others I'm still researching. So, I hope adding a link list will help some of you who are looking to give your blog a facelift!

So until next time, I will leave you with this adorable red damask tote bag from a friend of mine and fellow blogger, Whitney Caroline Designs. I saw it a few months ago and just went back to look again and realized it's out of stock!
I would love for her to share with me how she made her profile picture big and different from the one that shows on her Full Profile Page. Does anyone know how to do that?

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