27 April 2010

Music: Sigur Ros (From Bali With Love)

Have you ever heard of Sigur Ros? I was turned on to them a few years ago by a friend and I just love their sound. They are from Iceland and wikipedia describes them as "an Icelandic post-rock band with melodic, classical, and minimalistelements. The band is known for its ethereal sound and lead singer J√≥nsi Birgisson's falsetto voice". 

Seriously check them out, you'll love them!


  1. I've recently came across a cool artist. His second album has been compared to sigur ros sound and people started blogging about it before it's even been released, crazy...anyway in the mean time check out the song Uncool (Ellioaa mix) from Lys Sparrow, it's pretty cool.

  2. Thanks Laura for the tip. I'll check them out. I LOVE ALL MUSIC!


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