16 April 2010

Tips for Organizing the Bedroom (From Bali With Love)

1. Keep it simple.
If you’re anything like me, I become a total insomniac if I’m trying to sleep in a cluttered bedroom. Thus, the goal here is to get rid of the clutter! First, you have to nail down what you need in your bedroom and banish the rest. I always come back to this photo of Michelle Adams’ (master maven of Rubie Green) tiny boudoir. There aren’t any non-essentials here.
2. Clear the nightstand.
Photograph from Creative Organizing.
*Don’t let magazines and books pile up on top of your nightstand. Instead, herd them into something like this metal trashcan. If you have a lower shelf on your nightstand, neatly stack what you’re reading now and store what you aren’t in another room.
*Besides adding to the clutter, electronics’ lights can keep you awake. I know I’m always tempted to check my phone when I know it’s just an arm’s stretch away. So install a power strip to the inside of the drawer and put the phones to bed. Or just drill holes into the back of the drawer and feed the cords into a power strip on the floor.
3. Handle the closet issue.
Ugh. The most dreaded part! If you haven’t already made a habit out of clearing out what you don’t wear at least twice a year, do it now! Then, try these tips for what’s left over:
*Organize your clothes by type: jeans, pants, dresses, skirts, blouses, T-shirts, etc. Same goes for your dresser drawers.
*Try putting your dresser inside of the closet if it’s taking up too much floor space.
Photograph from Real Simple.
*Use the back of your bedroom and closet doors. I love this idea that uses inexpensive pegboard to hang accessories, but even something as simple as a shoe rack works wonders.
4. Use empty space.
*Do use the space under your bed for throw blankets, books, magazines, winter or summer clothes (depending on what season you’re in), or anything else you won’t need at a moment’s notice. Don’t use it to store things like workout clothes (ever heard of out of sight out of mind?) or shoes (instead of being at your big important meeting you’ll be catching dust bunnies on your blazer trying to find the lefty of your fave pumps).
Photograph from Real Simple.
*Make your walls work. You don’t want things lingering around on the floor where you’re trying to get from here to there. I love that this wall organizer combines the “shop your closet” idea with storage that takes up minimal space.
5. Keep your kids organized, too.
*Talk to your children about the types of things they harbor. Do they have tons of books? Craft supplies? Toys? Group accordingly and use storage boxes and label everything to remind your children where things “live.” And don’t forget to keep their most used items at their level.
*Make kids’ closets do double duty as a wonderful trove of clothes and to keep them on track for the day. Use bulletin boards and calendars to make sure they know what to bring to school each day. You wouldn’t want them to be the only one sans family photo on present making day!
Photograph from House to Home.
*Have more than one? Maximize the storage space above the beds? This room would be perfect for older children. Just remember to reserve the space for lesser-used items if they’re young.
Taken From Design Sponge.

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