21 May 2010

DIY: Tin Can Planters (From Bali With Love)

I love these tin can planters!! It's so simple, a great way to reuse cans and looks stylish!

What you’ll need:
– Several tin cans
– hammer and nails
– plant to be repotted
– potting soil
– saucers for underneath cans
- With a hammer and nail, punch a few holes in the bottom of each can.
- The holes allows for drainage, a necessity in preventing stagnant water from rotting your plant’s roots.
-Remove your plant and gently loosen the soil surrounding the roots. With the excess soil, fill in the bottom of your can and gingerly place your plant inside, patting down extra soil around the sides. Lightly water and place on saucer.
Taken from Design Sponge.

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