04 June 2010

Tips for Organizing Your Office (From Bali With Love)

I LOVE Michelle Adams’ hanging fabric samples!

Craft room photograph from this Flickr stream. Michelle Adams’ home office by Patrick Cline from Real Living Australia via Flickr.
Hidden Offices

Closet office photograph from this Flickr stream. Chest office from Martha Stewart.
*If you have an unused closet then you have the perfect space for a home office. Plus, you can pull the door shut and swing the chair into a corner when you’re not using it. I also like the sliding cover on the top shelf, because even if you leave the doors open while you have guests you can still maintain some privacy.
*This chest idea is awesome, isn’t it? All you need is right there, and if you put wheels on the bottom you can wheel it up to any surface you might be working on. Go to the tutorial on Martha to see how to convert your own.
Small Spaces

Craft table photograph from this Flickr stream. Entryway desk photograph from Real Simple.
*The craft corner on the left would be great if you have a bare wall that seems awkward for most other uses. The clear drawers below offer lots of storage while the contents are completely visible. I also like the wrapping paper holder bit just to the left.
*This hallways desk is such a creative solution to the limited space issue. If you have an entryway but no bonus room, just swing one of these side chairs around for working and keep everything stored in a basket below.

Alcove office photograph from Ideal Home. Tray photograph from Real Simple.
*If you don’t have a readymade gap like this one, you can still make an alcove office by altering a spare broom closet. Just remove the door and frame and fit with shelves.
*If you cannot devote a single space to your desk, just keep a tray with your supplies so you can work anywhere in the house.
DIY Solutions

Photograph from Ideal Home.
*Amazing what people use chalkboard paint for! The hardest part of this project might just be taping off the squares. Otherwise, it’s paint, let dry, and put it to work! I know I definitely wouldn’t forget anything with this larger-than-life calendar.

Envelope project from Martha Stewart and jam jar from Real Simple.
*I’m going to tackle this easy envelope DIY today! Here the stylists have glued envelopes (sans flaps) to the inside cover of books, but you could also make a poster of these or affix them to a bulletin board. Just add labels for convenience. You could use them for mail, receipts, kids’ lunch monies, or even sweet notes to each other.
*This cluster of tall and small jars looks so clean and streamlined. I want to make everybody in the house eat up our jarred goods just so I can get rid of my metal mesh pencil cup! You can use that goop be gone gunk (available at home goods and craft stores although some supermarkets might carry it) to remove the label and then give them a good washing.

Can photograph from . Shutter photograph from Homes & Gardens.
*Here’s another from the kitchen project. While this would be tops for mail organization, you could use this for receipts and such, too. These are pushed up against each other so they don’t roll. But if you only have a couple just get some of that blue putty teachers always used to put up their posters and stick ‘em down! I also like the little bowls on the desk. A cute idea that probably involves making use out of a forgotten dish.
*This is just so fun! You’ll most likely have to scout out a shutter (I’m guessing most of you who have shutters don’t want to remove them from the house), but I’ve actually seen quite a few at yard sales. In this example, the stylists have designated spots for outgoing mail, receipts, and other notes.

Taken from Design Sponge.

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