18 July 2010

Cafe Bali (From Bali With Love)

Ok. I have to be be honest. I live in Bali and have never been to Cafe Bali. I found the pictures online through Kyla's blog. It looks like a great place, take a look...
These green shutters are to die for...very much plantation style!
Cafe Bali is located on Jl. Laksmana, which is in the Oberoi section of Seminyak, Bali. Many foreingers like to hang out in this area, mainly due to the melting pot of many different types of restaurants and the many brand name shops that are all in walking distance of each other.

I read in Kyla's comments that Cafe Bali was designed by a French architect and his Dutch, Interior Designer wife who own the restaurant together and the manager is Moroccan, so you can only imagine the fun these three had starting up this restaurant to open!

I'll definitely have to check this out next time I'm in the Oberoi area. Thanks Kyla for the photos!

Where is your favorite restaurant in Bali?
Images taken from HERE.

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