04 July 2010

Escape To Papua (From Bali With Love)

Misool Eco Resort. Wow! This resort is located on a private island in West Papua, Indonesia. Some key attractions are the white, sandy beaches, breathtaking dive sites, water cottages built to European standards, accommodated by locally hand crafted furniture and rattan, beach front restaurant with an international chef, a "no-take" zone to protect the surrounding inhabitants and much more!

I think it's neat how, mentioned on Design Sponge's post, the resort worked with Conversation International to bring artisans from Bali to West Papua to make rattan and other furniture for the resort. I plan to review Conversation International's website and learn more about their services and projects.
I love this veranda with a BUILT-IN HAMMOCK, how cool is that?

You can find more beautiful pictures by visiting the resort's website HERE.

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