27 July 2010

Indonesian Children's Songs (From Bali With Love)

I have recently fallen in love with this cute little song. It's called tepuk-tepuk tangan.

 Tepuk-tepuk tangan, Suka-suka
 Tangan di kepala, Tangan di pinggang
  Loncat yang tinggi 1,2,3
  Mari-mari burung, Terbang di udara....

Here's the translation for you:

Clap Clap Your Hands
Clap clap your hands, have fun
Put your hands on your head, then on your hips.
Jump up high 1, 2, 3
Come on birds, fly to the sky...

It's so cute.

Do you have any favorite children's songs? What songs do you sing to your child?


  1. where can i find the mp3 song??..who the singer of this song...i really want please!!!

  2. Hello Anonymous. Thank you for commenting. You can find a similar version, along with various mp3 options for your listening pleasure at MamaLisa's. Enjoy and again, thank you for commenting! http://www.mamalisa.com/?t=es&p=2477&c=10

    From Bali With Love,


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