24 August 2010

Bali, Calling Jennifer Aniston (From Bali With Love)

Jennifer Aniston was recently quoted as having Bali on her list of desired places to travel.
Check out the story HERE.
If anyone out there knows how to contact Jennifer Aniston, tell her she is invited! Bali Discovery put out an article with an open invitation to Jennifer which stated, 
"If Jennifer is perchance browsing this article or a friend cares to forward it to her, please tell her how Bali would love to have her company. All she has to do is contact balidiscovery.com and we'll arrange complimentary accommodation at one of Bali's outstanding boutique hotels and local transportation to make sure she enjoys her visit to Bali. A "friend" like Jennifer deserves to have her travel wishes come true."
So, Jennifer Aniston, come on over to Bali!

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