10 August 2010

Blogging Resources (From Bali With Love)

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend. 
I have had some emails recently asking about blogging "how-to's", such as design, widgets, etc. I have learned a lot about blogging since I started this blog three years ago through research and trail and error....and boy, do I still have a lot to learn.
 I also know how frustrating it is to not be able to find the help you need online or trying to ask a fellow blogger how they created something for their blog. People can be funny. Sometimes they share, sometimes they don't. 
SO, I added a section for "Blog Resources" under my LINKS tab at the top of the page or by clicking HERE. I found some of these sites to be helpful and others I just included in the list for reference. You will find links for templates, design, widgets, icons, translators, tips and more!
I am, by no means, a blog or html expert, but if you have any questions about blogging, please don't hesitate to ask.
Also, if you have any helpful links for blogging that aren't included in my listing and you'd like to share, please let me know by leaving a comment with the link.
Ok, that's all for today.

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  1. Anna, thanks so much for posting this! I've only been actively blogging for a month, and I still have so many questions. I love to see veteran bloggers giving out their secrets! lol! Thanks for the tips and I will definitely ask you for your advice! Love your blog- it's really beautiful! And you have a beautiful family as well!
    ps- Do you just love Bali? It looks amazing! I would love to travel there someday! (Has to be better than Union, right? LOLOLOL! J/K! :D)


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