19 August 2010

Life in Bali (From Bali With Love)

Reader's often email me to ask if there is anything that I miss from home. Is there anything that I can't get here in Bali that I wish I could have.
I've thought about this question a lot. To me, I haven't really missed anything, except for my family. Now, as far as availability goes, the one thing I can think of is Dr. Pepper. :) It's funny, when I lived in the states I was always a sweet tea, coffee, water, thai tea type of girl (in no particular order). Since moving to Bali, I have found myself craving a cold Dr. Pepper on more than one occasion. I guess it's true what they say, you always want what you can't have! :)
Are you an expat living abroad? Or maybe you just moved far away from your hometown? 
Is there anything you miss?

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