14 September 2010

Bali: Green & Clean Campaign (From Bali With Love)

There's been news, and much debate, over Bali "going green" for awhile now, but will we see this plan come to light? Maybe so. It appears that Bali's Governor is working hard to make Bali "Green & Clean" by next year. One item on the agenda? Eliminating plastic bags from markets and replacing them with cloth and paper bags.
Read the full article HERE.
(Photo taken from HERE.)
Anyone that has traveled to Bali, or Indonesia for that matter, knows the waste problem here and BOY is it a BIG problem. Plastic can be seen everywhere. There has been talk of eliminating plastic bags before, here in Bali. I hope this time, the plan is carried through!
Read the full article for this photo HERE. Found via HERE.
This photo is my own; taken from HERE.
Let's not forget that Bali is dubbed a Paradise Island. I hope everyone will start doing there part to care for, not only Bali, but the entire world. If we don't take care of our earth, who will?

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