23 September 2010

Conde Nast Store (From Bali With Love)

Have you heard of Conde Nast
They have an amazing selection of illustrations, photographs, canvas art, note cards, editorial covers and more! Each product you buy is reproduced at the time of order, so you always have a stunning looking print mailed to your door.
While browsing through their categories today, I decided to type in Bali and look what I found!
This was the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine in February 1936. The caption reads:
"A 'Bali Beauty' in a pink headdress poses against a thatched background in Miguel Covarrubias's illustration, which appeared on the February 1936 cover. This was one of the last issues before Vanity Fair ceased publication, until the magazine's revival in the 1980s."
You can get it alone or matted and framed. You can find it HERE for purchase.
You should head on over to Conde Nast and look through their inventory. It's amazing to see what all they have and they are a great source for inspiration! You know Christmas is just around the corner. They offer gift certificates and even have recommended gifts for him, her, books, DVD's, etc...

Image and information taken from Conde Nast Store.

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