07 September 2010

Eat, Pray, Love Comes Alive in Bali (From Bali With Love)

USA Today did a great piece on Eat, Pray, Love on August 12th. The article also discussed Bali, it's shops, hotels, customs and people. 
Here are a few of my favorite excerpts from the article:

...Bali, a mystical island known for its natural beauty, vibrant arts community, colorful religious festivals and gentle, hospitable residents. More visitors are sure to follow after seeing Julia Roberts frolic on the beach and bike under lush palms in the movie...
Spain's Javier Bardem plays Roberts' love interest. "Javier came into the airport and expressed concern about paparazzi. I said, 'We don't have any.' " Bardem's now-wife, Penélope Cruz, happily shopped the boutiques selling antiques, jewelry, carvings and batik clothing. Bali "was humid, was hot, but it was good," Bardem told USA TODAY's Susan Wloszczyna while promoting the movie. "There is no bad sight in Bali," Roberts chimed in, when asked about what she liked here.
There's a big Starbucks adjoining the airport outside Denpasar. McDonald's and KFC compete with local eateries ("warungs") in Kuta. The island has large resorts including the InterContinental in Jimbaran and ultra-luxe digs, such as the two Four Seasons resorts where Roberts and Bardem stayed. But it still offers hideaways under $150 a night where housekeepers strew sweet-smelling hibiscus flowers on your pillow and breakfast might include fresh watermelon juice. Clean rooms in guesthouses can be found for $60 or less.
The Hindu island's ritual-infused culture sets it apart from other tropical destinations. Balinese often greet outsiders with hands held in prayer at chest level, a sign of respect. Incense burns. Women trek along roads to temples carrying offerings stacked high on their heads. Shops and homes give daily offerings to the gods — such as rice and other food, often laid on palm leaves. The EPL film had a "rain shifter" who used mantras to ward off showers.
You can read the full article HERE.

As you know, I've posted about this book many times. I first read it back in 2007. If you haven't read it yet, grab your copy today! It's definitely worth the read. 

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