02 September 2010

House Love: I want to move to Tangerang (From Bali With Love)

Check out this amazing house in Tangerang, Indonesia.
Tangerang is located in Java, west of Jakarta.
It is located in a gated community among 120 residences. It is an open plan floor space with 3 bedrooms, white washed walls and concrete ceilings.
This is the open staircase that leads from the ground floor library to the gallery on the upper level.
The exterior is also concrete and the house features slit windows.
"The house has a large thermal mass due to its concrete construction, relying on natural ventilation and shading, heat-resistant finishes, and a forty-millimeter wall cavity to prevent overheating during the summer."
And, guess what? There's a concrete slide INSIDE THE HOUSE leading from the second floor straight into the kitchen!
I love the white and gray color scheme. Everything is so light and natural looking.
Here's a little more information on the house from the architects:
"Concrete has been chosen as main building material, simply because of its dualism quality. It has a much needed strength as structural element; yet its flexibility creates an interesting tension which produces certain emotion in places it shapes.
The decision of using a dominantly concrete wall and roof, however, poses quite a challenging situation in this tropical climate, as this material has been known for trapping heat easily.
By having an extremely high ceiling (10 meter in height), applying a special coating of heat resistant membrane on the external roof surface and leaving external wall occupied by plenty of cripple plants (which soon will grow to the roof); it helps to reduce internal heat accumulation significantly.
Here, natural ventilation and lighting play an important aspect of the house. All open spaces have no air conditioning system, and dependent entirely on the opening and incision between walls, windows and roof for fresh air ventilation generated by a series of ceiling fan suspended beneath the concrete roof using a metal rod mechanism.
To generate an ever changing flow of air, there is some part of walls that has been built apart by 40 cm, allowing the creation of ‘rain’ window by operating horizontal glass louvre within this long gap.
And rather than having a low manicured garden, house owner has opted to plant big trees instead, positioned strategically on the garden surface to provide a much needed shade areas during a certain period of the day (especially in the area where glass window has extended floor to ceiling).
This few ‘low tech’ strategies have been providing simple solution to many common problems occur causes by the use of extensive concrete materials."

Images and information taken from Dezeen. Photos by Happy Lim Photography
Found via Ohdeedoh!

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