19 September 2010

Nissan to Double Car Production in Indonesia (From Bali With Love)

I just found an article that Nissan plans to double car production in Indonesia by 2013. WHY? I understand that car production would be great for Indonesia's economy and Nissan's sales but do they not know that Indonesia is already overcrowded with people, vehicles and bikes? 
Remember my post about Bali's Traffic Woes? How about my post about Bali being overpopulated? Remember, Bali is small, like the size of Delaware. How about my post where Bali's governor is implementing a higher tax to those owning more than one vehicle? Here's some images of Bali traffic:
And it's not just Bali, all over Indonesia there are traffic problems. Here's some images of Jakarta's traffic:
Anyone that has been to Indonesia is familiar with the traffic problem here. Can you imagine? And to add that many cars have no air conditioner and even those that do, it's so hot here, some days it's hard to tell a difference. :)
Click on images to be taken to their links.
See the full article at Businessweek.

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