18 September 2010

Speaking of Play Food (From Bali With Love)

Talk about creative and cheap? I love it!
Photo taken from HERE.
Easily make your own play food at home! Cut out pictures of food, glue it to cardstock, or laminate it, and VOILA! You have your own, handy dandy, play food.
Photo taken from HERE.
I'll definitely be doing this for my daughter when she's a little older. Right now, she thinks everything is food and puts it straight into her mouth! :-0


  1. My mother used to do stuff like this for me when I was little. Except instead of doing food, she would cut models and cloths out of magazines, put tape over them to laminate them, and then I had a doll that I could dress up :) She even glued popsicle sticks to them so they had a handle to play with. Definately something that I can do for Lilli too now that she is getting older :)

  2. What a clever idea for playtime! Enjoy a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  3. Such a great idea Brandy! I love it. Thanks for sharing! :)


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