05 October 2010

Bali: Island of the Spirits (From Bali With Love)

The New York Times did a great piece about a new book called Island of the Spirits, by John Stanmeyer. Mr. Stanmeyer has published photographs with National Geographic and Time. He used film from a Holga camera for his new photo book. He wanted this book to stand out from other Bali related publications. He didn't want light to leak in his photos, hoping he could capture both the past and present of Balinese rituals. The result: beautiful, dramatic and powerful images of Balinese the culture. I think he did a fantastic job and truly captured beautiful, sacred moments! Here are some of my favorites from the article:
A cleansing ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple.
Remains of a royal family member are carried to a cremation tower.
 Collecting water for a cleansing ceremony.
 Preparing food offerings for a cleansing ceremony.
High priests are not allowed to touch the ground while they pray. This one is one of my favorites!
The book is being published by an Indonesian company, Afterhours.
To read the FULL article go HERE.


  1. Really wonderful images!

    I look forward to reading more, just followed your blog!

  2. Thank you so much Anika! I have some wonderful, beautiful posts planned for the next few weeks that I hope you enjoy!
    Love, Anna


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