02 October 2010

A Mobile For My Daughter (From Bali With Love)

One thing I never bought for my daughter, when she was born, was a mobile for her room. Living in Indonesia makes it sometimes difficult what you want, especially when it comes to shopping for a baby. SO, I want to make a mobile to hang in my daughter's room. I found several, over the last year, that caught my eye and now I'm having a hard time picking just one project to do! 
Maybe YOU can help me decide!
Here are the DIY mobiles that I've bookmarked:
Butterfly Mobile; taken from HERE.
Origami Style Moravian Star Mobile; taken from HERE.
Ikea Hacked Mobile Pendant Light; taken from HERE.
Modern Paper Mobile; taken from HERE.
Fabric Circle Mobile; taken from HERE.
Paper Crane Pendant Light; taken from HERE.
Ribbon Mobile; taken from HERE.
Butterfly Mobile from Etsy; shop now not found. :(
Modern Circle Mobile; taken from HERE.
Creative Felt Mobile; taken from HERE.
Ribbon Garland; taken from HERE.
Vintage Toy and Trinket Mobile; taken from HERE.
Feather Mobile; taken from HERE.
Another Feather Mobile; taken from HERE.
Bird Mobile; taken from HERE.
Eco Friendly Mobile; taken from HERE.
Fabric Pinwheel Mobile; taken from HERE.

I love them all, but I definitely have a few favorites out of these. I may end up doing a combination of a few ideas featured here, if I can find all of the materials I need, here in Bali, to make them!
SO, what are YOUR thoughts? Which ones do YOU like?

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