01 December 2010

Circus Inspired Christmas Decor (From Bali With Love)

I saw this last year on Design Sponge and thought it was really cute so I'm sharing it with you now. There's a link below to download the poster for free. Enjoy!
Popcorn garland is a simple project that kids will eat right up. We used baker’s twine along with vintage styled striped straws to create a fun and festive look.
Get this poster into your home… click here for the free download. Then take it to a local print shop like Kinkos. We had ours mounted and then added some striped ribbon to the back for easy hanging.
For a softer and more kid-friendly touch, try making these fabric ball ornaments. All you have to do is cut a fabric circle, put some stuffing in the middle, gather up the edges and wrap around some floral wire to secure. Cover with floral tape to get a finished look. Then just bend the stems around the tree limbs to make sure they stay in place.
And no circus is complete without a few animals. You’ll need some figurines from a local toy store (we got these from Richard’s Variety Store ) and a can of spray paint.
Ornaments and poster design: Erin Jang of The Indigo Bunting Design
Projects and styling: Ashley Meaders of Dolci Odille

Taken from Design Sponge.

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