12 January 2011

MIA in Bali? (From Bali With Love)

Hello all! Hope you have been well. Sorry for the absence, as I've been busy planning a MUCH needed holiday. I'm also working on a few projects, that I have mentioned to you before. Ok, I'll give you some hints: book, music, business, web design. :) That's all the spoilers you get for now...want to save it for a special time when the projects are nearing completion.
Today, I want to leave you with this wonderful loveseat I discovered, by designer Jane Hamley Wells. It's called the Bali Loveseat. It's made from synthetic rattan and aluminum, which would hold up great outdoors! Though, I've never seen anything quite like it here in Bali, that doesn't mean that there aren't any. Bali has so many wonderful handicrafts and handmade furniture. Sometimes, I get almost overwhelmed from all the shops here. It is all so beautiful that I want to take home one of everything!
I have to say, this would look amazing on my outdoor patio!!

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