13 January 2011

Take Off Your Shoes & Stay Awhile (From Bali With Love)

Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts, with locations in Bali, Milan and Tokyo, is quite the 5 star locale with it's villas, bars, restaurants, spas and more! 
In 2007, I had the PLEASURE of visiting Bvlgari. It is magnificent!
The resort sits 150 meters above the Indian Ocean and it's website describes the design as a cross between "traditional Balinese forms and high Italian design".
There are 59 villas and all of them have a full view of the ocean. 
Each villa is private with it's own pool, garden and outdoor living area. 
They are also decorated with traditional Balinese and Javanese furniture and art.
The beach is only accessible to the Resort's guests by an inclined elevator.
And, yes, they offer wedding packages: Water Wedding, Beach Wedding, Gazebo Wedding and Pavilion Wedding.
This was suppose to be a relaxing take off your shoes post, but it quickly turned into a hotel/villa post...sorry! DARN the beautiful photos and my fast fingers clicking away....I hope you can still go away today, feeling relaxed! :) 
Take care and enjoy!
 Please visit Bulgari Hotels for more details and breathtaking photos.

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