23 February 2011

Fruits of Indonesia (From Bali With Love)

Indonesia has many different types and varieties of fruit. I was familiar with most of them when I moved here, but there were a few that were new to me! Fruits can be found in all Indonesian markets, growing in most people's gardens and used daily in Balinese ceremonies.
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Here are SOME of the many fruits Indonesia has to offer (English/Bahasa Indonesia translation):
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Appel - Apel
Avocado - Advocat
Banana - Pisang
Coconut - Kelapa
Duku - Duku
Durian - Durian
Guava - Jambu batu
Jackfruit - Nangka / Gudeg
Lime (Kaffir Lime) - Jeruk Obat / Jeruk Limau
Lime - Jeruk Nipis
Longan - Kelengkeng
Lychee - Leci
Mango - Mangga
Mangosteen - Manggis
Orange - Jeruk Manis
Papaya - Pepaya
Pineapple - Nanas
Pomelo - Jeruk Bali
Rambutan - Rambutan
Snake Fruit - Salak
Star Fruit - Belimbing
Soursop - Sirsak
Water apple - Jambu air
Watermelon - Semangka

Remember, this is only SOME of them...there are so many wonderful fruits here!
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Did you know, Indonesia has NUMEROUS varieties of banana? At least 42 different varieties have been named, but research indicates that there could be well over 300 different varieties of bananas, stretching out across the archipelago...AMAZING, right? I mean, in America, when I go to the store to buy bananas, there they are...BANANAS...only one type...but you can pick still young (green) or already ripe (yellow)....but that's that. BANANAS! :) I always get tickled when I go to the market in Bali to buy bananas! The women working always ask me what I'm using the bananas for and then direct me to the ones that are best chosen for my usage! :) Some are better for your health, some are better for babies, some are better for desserts, etc etc...you get the idea.
Taken from HERE.
What are your favorites? I love them all!  


  1. hi
    i just want to comment on jackfruit
    it's different with gudeg.
    coz gudeg, as i know, is a food, originated from Jogjakarta. and yes, one of the ingredient is nangka - the unripe ones, they call it 'tewel' :D

    enjoy your stay in indonesia!

    PS: u should visit other cities in Indonesia. we've got SO MANY beautiful places here... :)

  2. Thanks so much Anonymous for your information and leaving a comment! :) I have been to many places in Indonesia so far, such as Jakarta, Bandung and Sulawesi.

    My next stops will be Jogja, Wakatobi, Manado, Lombok, Kupang and Surabaya. There are SO MANY places here and I think they would all be wonderful!

    Dari mana? Where in Indonesia are you from? What places do you suggest visiting?

    Thanks so much again and I look forward to hearing more from you...

    From Bali With Love,

  3. first time commenting on your blog. i have been reading it for a few months but was a bit shy. so hi!! looking at that fruit makes me so excited! my hubby and i are moving to bali this summer (never been but have a friend that lives in ubud) from los angeles where i have lived for 20 years but my sensitive self cannot take it anymore. i'm retiring from my job and leaving this crazy place. it has really helped being able to read your blog, thank you so much for all of your lovely posts. i look forward to more!!

    thanks again!


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