24 February 2011

Life in Bali: The Water System (From Bali With Love)

One of the first things I was told, when traveling to Indonesia, was not to drink the water and to avoid any drinks with ice in them. With this being said, you can imagine that clean water is very rare in Indonesia. As of now, the price of water is rising and becoming more of a concern, not only for the local residents, but the many hotels as well.
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Most people, including myself, buy water for the dispenser in their home. The brand is AQUA and people here call it "Aqua Gallon", but it isn't a gallon...it's 19 liters so it's more like 5 gallons. To buy a new sealed gallon, as I do, currently costs Rp. 12.000 ($1.36) per bottle. Some people here have their gallon bottle "sterilized" and refilled with AQUA, at specific locations, for half the price. I did this some when I first moved here, but quickly realized how important it was to maintain a clean water status. I go through at least 2 per week for drinking and all of my daughter's bottles. I know, I don't drink as much water as I should, living in this tropical climate, but it is what it is. I also use it to cook certain things, but use tap water as well since cooking/boiling the water is part of the sterilizing process. I do, however, use tap water for dishes, showering and gardening. The most common effect of drinking contaminated water is upset stomach....which I have, luckily, never experienced during my stay here.
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There are still many houses throughout Indonesia that don't have running water and the Government has yet to step in to aid these islands and villages with the underground piping to do so. Many areas "share" water with neighbors and some even have to drill a well and pump their own water.
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I do have to warn you though, at times, the tap water will be cloudy or yellowish/brown. In my opinion, this is largely due to the rains, sewage systems and poor drainage. As you may remember from THIS POST I did about Trash In Paradise, people here dump their trash everywhere...then dogs and cats get into and make a mess...then the winds come and blow it everywhere...especially into the drains, water wells, rivers, etc...And just think of all the islands that get flooding every year...
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I think I could write an entire post on the weather and it's effects on the people and roads.

SO, that was a little insight on the water system for you in Bali...any questions? :)

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