30 April 2011

A Royal Wedding, in Bali? (From Bali With Love)

In honor of Prince William's wedding to Princess Kate Middleton, the Bali Dynasty Resort, in South Kuta, held a live screening on their big screen TV, on April 29, 2011 at 5 pm, for an entry fee of Rp. 250,000 per person (a little more than $25 US). 
Taken from Bali Discovery
Upon doing some quick google searches, I discovered that Prince William gave his bride, his mother's sapphire and 14 diamond engagement ring. Very stunning and what an honor for Kate, to wear his late mother's ring. Princess Diana was a remarkable lady! At that time, it was made for 30,000 Euros (about 50,000 USD) but with today's rate, that value is about 85,700 Euros (143,000 USD). 
Taken from Celebrity News Online
Taken from One Reputation
I remember my own Mom telling me that she watched the Royal Wedding of Princess Di to Prince Charles, when she was pregnant with me, on 29 July 1981.
Taken from ChinaMommy
Here's a lovely comparison picture of Princess Diana's and Princess Kate's wedding trains.
Taken from People
And I have to say, the bouquet Kate used here, looks identical to Princess Di's. Very nice, personal touch to add to the wedding, that I'm sure meant a lot to Prince William.
Taken from HERE
Kate looked stunning on her wedding day and the pair looked absolutely in love with each other!
Flickr: The British Monarchy
I think Princess Di would be very proud of her eldest son choice in marriage!
Taken from Mirror UK
Congratulations and good luck to the Happy Couple!

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