26 June 2011

Blackberry vs. iPhone (From Bali With Love)

Blackberry has really taken over the market in Indonesia. I have several articles over the past few months that testify to this and bring up the question if iPhone can compete in Indonesia's market.
Taken from HERE.
"BlackBerry’s Indonesian recipe is simple: it’s the most affordable smartphone out there and mobile network providers have raced to offer the cheapest plan possible. Indonesia is one of the first countries to offer a buffet of BlackBerry services with daily, weekly and monthly options."
"Blackberry is king...in Indonesia..."

Now, as much as I love Apple (and have become a bit addicted to their products)....and have been a loyal customer to them since my first Apple purchase. I just can't afford to own an Apple iPhone in Indonesia. The plans offered are ridiculous expensive...especially for me, a stay-at-home Mami. I literally drool at the thought of owning my very own white iPhone and holding it in my hands, but reality has surfaced, and I know too, have joined the Blackberry community in Indonesia with this pretty white Curve model.
Taken from Blackberry.
I love it! I had a Blackberry World in America before I moved to Indonesia and since living here, I've only had a simple, stripped down no camera cell phone....but now, I finally have a camera phone again and it has been wonderful capturing quick moments of my daughter that I can easily email to my family back home in America. 
Taken from HERE.
Maybe one day, I'll be able to get my hands on an iPhone, but until them...I'll just dream about it having one! :)

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