25 June 2011

New Bali Guidebook for KIDS (From Bali With Love)

What a great idea! I wonder why it's taken so long for this type of book to be published!
"Bali With Kids: Families Guidebook From Babies to Teenagers" is the newest book addition to hit the Bali publishing world. The book promises to cover all your needs and expectations for a vacation in paradise with children, including kid friendly hotels, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, medical issues, interaction with animals and even how to hold a fabulous birthday party in Bali!

The book can be purchased for Rp. 150,000 ($16.70) around various locations in Bali, as well as downloaded into an e-book from the website: Bali With Kids. I have got to find this book and add it to my collection!

Taken from Bali Discovery.

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