05 July 2011

Ring of Fire (From Bali With Love)

Ever heard of the Ring of Fire or the "Pacific Ring of Fire". It is a large area in the Pacific Ocean where there are many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Indonesia, as you may know, sits RIGHT ON TOP of the Ring of Fire. Check out this awesome picture I found!
Taken from HERE.
As you can see, the picture of the left shows the Ring of Fire while the picture on the right shows the number of earthquakes that occurred last week, in just 7 days time! Gosh, that's a lot! The article goes on to discuss the most recent 6.5 mag hit in Papua, Indonesia. You can read more on it HERE.

Earthquakes here are so common, almost daily, and to tell you the truth, we usually don't even know there's been an earthquake, or feel any affects of one...Bali sits in the center of Indonesia so I feel it's more sheltered from the quakes than the far west coast of Sumatra and far east coast of Papua. Furthermore, so many airplanes come and go from this tiny island (and I live very close to the airport), it can be hard to distinguish a shake from an airplane taking off. :)

If you are interested in reading more on the Ring of Fire, I suggest checking out Wikipedia's page, as it's full of information, pictures and history! Enjoy!

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