21 September 2011

The Latest

Ok, so I just posted about where I've been...so let's talk about where I'm going! :)

The latest for the site: is the soon to be open and much anticipated online shop as well as a new homepage/landing page. I know what you are thinking...why continue to work on the setup of the site, if I MAY be switching over to Wordpress. Well, the answer's easy! Because this is my "job" and I want to keep readers happy and coming back so everything needs to be "pretty".

The latest of my travels: I have some upcoming trips planned again for Singapore and Malaysia, as well as a little island hopping here within Indonesia's many places to explore. I'm also hoping to get over to Tokyo before the end of Spring so please stay tuned on those trips.

Now, for the major latest! If you are on my LinkedIn, you probably read my status yesterday, but for those that have NO CLUE as to what I'm talking about. One of my new projects has been to work on not ONE, but TWO different book deals. I've had several opportunities come my way and in exploring all my options, I've decided to commit to two of them at the moment. Things have been quite busy and my HardDrive is currently "unavailable", and by that I mean, I dropped it on the floor and it's not working so again, please be patient for time being. There are many changes to be made in both my personal and professional life. I plan to take you all along on the journey with me, so don't worry and stay tuned for more!

From Bali With Love,

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  1. Book deals?! Can't wait to hear more. And, when do we see the photos of the wedding?


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