29 December 2007

Exploring...(From Bali With Love)

Dominika called my hotel today to ask me to dinner Sunday. I can't wait to meet her and talk about the move and give her her gift...it's exciting!

We went to a wonderful Noodle House called Bakso Kota. The food was AMAZING, the staff friendly, the owner so nice and I loved the atmosphere, colors and open dining!

Next stop, Blue point. It is a beautiful day, we walked around a bit and then found a good spot on the cliff to drink a bintang and watch the sun set.

After Blue Point we headed to Anjang's house...I just want to say that I LOVE HIS PLACE! I loved everything about it, I told him I would live there whenever he moved out! He showed me all his beautiful pictures that he took of scenery, friends, birthday parties, weddings, friends children, etc... Anjang is a terrific photographer!

Afterwards, we had to get ready and....you guessed it, back to Hard Rock Hotel for the boys performance.

When we left HRH, we went to The Wave to listen to Vertikal play and had a great time!!! I love all these guys! Thanks for a wonderful time!

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