30 December 2007

So Much Fun! (From Bali With Love)

I woke up this morning and decided to go down to Kuta Square to shop for gifts since my trip was almost over.

Later we decided to go get something to eat. There was heavy traffic so we parked the bike and walked to an off-the-road Sate place....it was amazing...but then again, you all know my love for food! We had various types of Sate and a wonderful spicy soup!

After dinner, I got ready and went to Hard Rock Hotel for the boys performance. The girl, whom I mentioned in a previous blog on the mission, was really on top of her mission tonight but it didn't work!

There were a lot of people from Makassar at HRH tonight and I loved them all...so nice and talkative and personable. After HRH, we headed down to Hard Rock Cafe to listen to Redemption perform.

Next stop, THE BEACH...before calling it a night and heading back to the hotel.

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