21 December 2007

Here I Go Again On My Own...(From Bali With Love)

GSP to Ft. Worth 2:39 flight with American Eagle Airlines...

It was raining when I boarded. The trail of blue lights on the dark runway seemed relaxing. First things first, I say my prayer and then as I turn to look out of the window again a smile appears on my face. With visions of sunsets and sexy smiles on my mind....Bali, here I come again....well first Ft. Worth. :)

I've never understood why it takes so long to take off as I watch the light rain sprinkle down my plane window. As we make our way through the gray tinted clouds, the ground lights are barely visible now.

We had a smooth take off mixed with a rocky inflight due to a small storm. It was on this flight that I discovered that American Airlines no longer supply blankets during the flight...you have to buy them! It is cold...

I'm so tired now as I only got 3 hours of sleep before leaving Spartanburg but I have to stay awake as much as posssible in hopes of being on Bali time when I arrive there.

I think my favorite part of the flight, besides my window seat view, was after the attendant told us about the cost of the blankets, she smiled and said "but The smiles are free". HA

Ft. Worth to Tokyo 15:39 flight with American Eagle Airlines...

This flight was interesting as we had lousy attendants but I, luckily, sat next to a brillant girl and her parents who were from Texas on the way to Japan to visit some old friends who now reside there and just had a baby. They were great and a pleasure to talk to on the almost 16 hour flight. I slept a little but not much, again in hopes of being on Bali time upon arrival.

So my last flight was from Tokyo to Denpasar with Japan Airlines....

This was a great flight. These attendants never sit down. They are constantly bringing you more beverages, snacks, checking on you, etc....they really WORK! At this point, I was incredibly tired on this trip and dozed off twice for a short period of time. This was the LONGEST flight to me...all 7 hours of it!

At last we could see the night view of Kuta shore in the horizon...I was so excited and so ready to get off the plane!

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