04 January 2008

Farewell Makassar (From Bali With Love)

The morning sky was glazed gray as the rain was going to start again soon.

We rode around Makassar a little bit on the bike so I could try to take pictures and see some of this big beautiful island before I had to leave. We stopped by the castle and went into a store for me to pick up a few gifts and buy some of the heavenly Markisa juice for me to bring back to America with me.

Next stop, a friend's sisters house. They were so nice to throw me a small going away party. We had amazing food, especially the fish, banana dessert and coffee...LOL. I fell in love with Makassar coffee. Michael got me some coffee that Yani had at Colors at this same store. Then, I tasted the wonderful Topa Bika at a friend's house so the boys bought me a big bag of it to bring back to America with me! YUMMY!

Next, I went to another friend's house to meet his family and to talk about his sister's upcoming wedding. We walked around the neighborhood a little bit and talked about various things in Makassar, the food, where they used to hang out there.

(sigh) Then it was time for me to say goodbye...we got a taxi to go to the airport. My plane was delayed due to a storm in Jakarta so I, unfortunately, had time to sit there and think how much I love Indonesia and never want to leave. I met a very nice elderly man from Papua who happily sat and spoke to me about Indonesia, traveling, the World and church...he said he loves talking to Americans so he can practice his English and I laughed knowing I can't practice much Indonesian with him at all. Upon him boarding his plane, he informed me that Papua is gorgeous also and he hopes I am able to come see it one day!

Another friend in Bali picked me up from the airport and took me back to my hotel. Once at the hotel, the wonderful hotel staff wanted to hear all about Makassar and the boys. We all talked and drank a bintang over conversation. I quickly gathered my stuff and checked out while my taxi was called for me to go to the airport.

I was so sad to leave...more so than anyone will ever understand but I was constantly thinking in my mind on the way home that I would return again soon....I would devise my plan to chase my happiness...my paradise...I want to move to Indonesia and I'm determined to make that happen!

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