12 January 2008

Promote Your Fabulous Country (From Bali With Love)

This was a write in taken from the Jakarta Post....I just had to share it!!

Promote Your Fabulous Country

Having just returned home to Australia after two weeks in North Sumatra (Medan, Brastagi, Lake Toba etc), I'd like to comment on the 'Visit Indonesia Year 2008' promotion.

This was my third visit to Indonesia and every one is better than the last. Indonesia should carefully target its various tourist markets in this campaign.

Young folks (say, under 40's) are unlikely to venture outside the Bali, Lombok, Nias scene. But Sumatra, Sulawesi, Central and West Java are just right for the middle-age group, with money to spend and an adventurous spirit to be quenched.

But why no media advertising on Australian television, magazines or newspapers? There are lots over-50's people who have been to Bali many times and who could easily be enticed elsewhere in your fabulous country with the help of a great advertising campaign. You need to put your message out with confidence.

Come on Indonesia -- tell your fantastic story to the world!


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