02 April 2010

DIY: Gameboard Wall Art (From Bali With Love)

Check out this super cute Wall Art idea using game boards I found at Infarrantly Creative. And that's not all. You can even store all the game pieces behind the boards! Art, Fun and Storage in one!

It's perfect for both children and the young at heart. Not only are board games colorful and fun but they also serve as memories or keepsakes and would be great conversation starters. I'm thinking about doing this project using some of my favorite childhood games!

1” x 4” wood boards (I used poplar but you could use anything)
game board of your choice
spray paint
table saw
miter saw
Sticky back hooks
Finishing nails
Hammer or a nail gun

1.  Pick out your game board of choice.  Measure the length and width of your boards and add an inch.  Example… If your board measures 21” x 15” you will cut two boards 22” x 1 1/2” and two boards measuring 16” x 1 1/2”.  I used Cranium, Monopoly, Chutes & Ladders, and Candyland.
2.  Purchase 1” x 4” boards from Home Depot or another home center.  Set your table saw to rip them to 1 1/2” in width (you measure from the fence to the inside of the blade).  You will get two equal pieces and a little scrap left over.  I recommend doing it that way rather than trying to cut them in half exactly.  It doesn’t work too well.
3.  Next we are going to create a dado.  That is fancy schmancy   carpenter terminology for cutting into the board so that your game board will fit inside.  What you do is set your fence at 3/8” inch from the edge of the blade.  Lower the blade 1/4” above the table. The blade is thick enough that when you create the dado it will fit your board perfectly inside.
4.  Using a miter saw cut your pieces to the correct size mitering the corners at a 45 degree angle. You could also use a hand saw and miter box if you don’t have a powered miter saw. 
Here’s all the cut boards waiting to be painted.
5.  Spray paint your boards.  I used Canyon Black by Rustoleum.
6.  Slides the boards in place and with some finishing nails tack it in place.  You can patch the nail holes if you want and touch up paint them.
7.  Now take some sticky back hooks and tack them on the back of the game board.  Using a hole punch and some ziploc bags hang them on the back of your board.

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