23 April 2010

Tips for Organizing The Hallway (From Bali With Love)

I especially love the plastic recycling tote/bins in the second photo. Does anyone know where they come from? I'd LOVE to buy some!
Photograph from Living Etc.
It greets you when you come home, and you whiz past it on your way out. I’ll try not to keep chanting the “reduce clutter” mantra, but when it’s the first thing you see after a hard day’s work and it’s messy? Probably doesn’t do much for your mood. So the key here is to keep it clean. Easier said than done, though, when it’s often a catch-all for those last minute things you need before you leave the house. Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite solutions in hopes that well-trafficked space will become a bit more pleasant!
Photograph from Living Etc.
*This has the open shelving, which I love for any room but especially for such a grab-and-go area. For the same reason, hooks are (I think) also essential. How easy would it be to peel-and-stick those Command hooks on the wall? And if you don’t already have an unused bookshelf in your basement, there are plenty inexpensive ones on offer at yard sales and brick and mortar stores, too.
From left:
*The first hallway here is fancy-schmancy. No real DIY here, but if you have the cash it’s a great solution that uses a mix of labeled drawers (labels are one of my fave ways to get organized fast) and lower baskets that anybody in the family can easily pull out.
*Now this is something that would be perfect for a home with a small entryway, like a split-level. Just affix any hooks you want to the staircase or wall. And remember that chair tip from the bathroom post? You can do the same here if you don’t have something like the shelves in the photo.
*This one is perfect for families with lotsa kids. Plus, hooks and labels? Très easy! I also like the apple crate by the staircase. With young children, it’s nice to keep organization simple for them. And with a box like this, they can throw their muddy shoes in and your floors will be neither dirty nor cluttered!
Photographs from Charleston Home magazine and Living Etc.
From left:
*I adore this DIY recycling system from Charleston Home magazine, because you can roll them right from the kitchen to the hall and dump the inner box right into those big blue bins. Plus, the labeling comes into play here making it so much easier to remember what can and can’t be recycled!
*These are pull-out shelves installed on sliders in the crevice beneath the staircase. One thing that’s important to remember about creating storage spaces is to use the space you have! Plus, floating shelves here would be an even easier project.
Taken from Design Sponge.

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