30 August 2010

Indonesia, Cicaks and Tokeks, Oh My! (From Bali With Love)

Living in Indonesia, we often have some "visitors" in our home. 
Ah, yes. Cicaks. Cicaks are known as lizards in America. They are often found here indoors and out, sticking to the walls and trying to eat any bugs they can catch. They can be quite entertaining to watch. They make interesting "clicking" noises, jerk their tail up and down, and chase other cicaks, sometimes as a territorial aspect and sometimes for mating. They also "drop" (drop, as in fall off) their tail when they feel threatened.
Aside from cicaks, tokeks also "visit" on occasion. Tokeks are known in English as house geckos. They are much like cicaks, but larger and more colorful. They make a very low, loud sound, similar to "toke-kay", but I swear they are saying, "Geck-ko". It is hilarious to listen to them. They also eat bugs as well as other smaller lizards. They mainly come out at night and hide/reside during the day in trees or the roof of houses. We recently heard that you can make quite a bit of money if you catch a tokek and sale it, as they are used for some sort of traditional medicine. I know no details of this, nor do I ask. :)
Click on photos to see their links, found via google.

You can check out my own pictures of cicaks, tokeks and other "visitors" we have had HERE in our Bali Home in my Unexpected Guests album...

I also wanted to apologize for not posting yesterday. I've been busy working in the house and garden, as well as preparing for my Singapore trip in 4 DAYS!! More exciting posts to come, so stay tuned! :)

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