31 August 2010

Photo Challenge (From Bali With Love)

One of my dear childhood friends is hosting a photo challenge on her blog and I told her I'd participate. I didn't have much time to get all my pictures together. 
Here are her themes for this week's photo challenge:

A Statue From the ground up

A Reflection From above

A Circle, Triangle, Square shapes from the ground up

A Tree Branch from the ground up

A Shadow From above

A Person From Close up, far away, from left, from right and in their environment

A street scene, all angles

Surprise Me! From Your Unique Point of View

Here are my photo entries:
A Statue From The Ground Up
A Reflection From Above
A Circle, Triangle, Square Shapes From The Ground Up
A Tree Branch From The Ground Up
A Shadow From Above
A Person Close-up
A Person From The Left
My Unique Point of View

These photos are property of From Bali With Love. Please do not use them without my permission.

Want to join in, if you'd like on her blog. Thanks!


  1. love the reflection from above entry! Lovely work

  2. Anna- these pictures are all so beautiful! Thank you so much for entering! I know you are a busy mama and it means so much that you would enter, AND do all of the themes! You rock!
    Ok, and I'm going to do a spoiler alert- the Gene's pic is going to win something cause it's my favorite pic ever!!! So it's gonna place somewhere in there, I will see to it! (I'm not the judge- my photography teacher is the judge this week, but I am going to pick my own favorites :D)
    Thanks again- you're amazing!


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