09 October 2010

Toy Storage (From Bali With Love)

I've been trying to figure out a good way to store my daughter's toys so they are "in reach" but not all over the floor. I'm not interested in a bulky toy chest, but have been contemplating baskets.
So, I was very happy when I came across this picture on Young House Love. So easy, simple and organized!

How do you store toys?

Image taken from HERE.


  1. Toy storage depends on your lifestyle. But I think using baskets for them is really fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

  2. We had a problem with LEGO all over the floor until my wife found these great GoGoSac, which are a play mat and toy storage solution all in one. We have 3 of them as they are great, one for duplo & megabloks the other for LEGO storage and the last we use for general toys or when we are going away. We love them & worth a look, pretty cheap and good quality. You can find them GoGo&Co who produce them.

    Hope this helps


  3. Those are really awesome! Thank you so much for the reference. I'll look into them! Have a great day! :) Anna


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