13 November 2010

I'm in Love! (From Bali With Love)

I love decorating and have been dreaming of sprucing up my daughter's room to something more fun, colorful and exciting. Something she can enjoy and grow with...
So, I was super excited to find these photos on Lonny today for my inspiration.
I love EVERYTHING about this! The photo collage, the bed, the pillows...personal, fun and colorful!
And this shelving?? Yes, please! I also adore the wallpaper, but I highly doubt wallpaper would hold up in Bali's tropical DAMP weather!
And these adorable hand puppets!! My daughter gets so excited when she sees the puppets on Baby Genius so I know she would LOVE these! Anyone know where to get cute, hand puppets similar to these for a good price?
Check out this wonderful, colorful animal print!! SWOON! Anyone know where I can get one similar to this?
And a corner of the room, setup as a playzone, complete with a table, chairs and children's artwork hung low. Now, I know my daughter isn't quite old enough to create any masterpieces yet, but we can have fun trying to paint together!
And lastly, this would be perfect if you had more than one child sharing a room...a gaint sized photo of your child above their own bed!

Adorable! I love Lonny. It's a great place to get inspired!
All images taken from HERE.

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  1. These rooms are wonderful! I love Lonny, too!! (:


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