14 November 2010

Obama Cuteness! (From Bali With Love)

So, I'm having a conversation with my sister about Obama and she tells me that Obama came to my nephew's school to speak to the students. 
She says that my nephew (pictured in the middle, along with my niece and other nephew) really liked him and that Obama is his PUSH now. 
My nephew will say, "Obama said I have to get good grades so I can go to college"! :) 
So cute and funny. I just HAD to share.
Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. LOVE the Clemson t-shirt! Go Tigers!

  2. Thanks Lisa for commenting! You know I like Clemson and pull for them and of course buy clemson gear for the niece and nephews but I'm a gamecock girl by heart <3 :) hehe


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