08 December 2010

Holiday Decor From Christmas Past (From Bali With Love)

*Living Etc December 2008
I’ve always loved the paper garland in this photo. Wouldn’t it be fun in a festive color? (Even though it looks pretty great the way it is here.) You could do this on fishing line or twine, cut squares of paper, string with a needle, maybe tie some knots here and there to hold bunches together.
Homespun Christmas image from Jane Cumberbatch’s book Pure Style Living
I love the simplicity of the decorations in this image, holiday decor doesn’t have to be over the top to be beautiful. This space feels cozy, a room filled with homemade, lovely things…the peppers strung across the window, the fabric scrap ornaments on the tree, the hyacinths blooming.
I pulled this image out of a Family Circle magazine a few years ago because I love that the starburst-like ornaments are made from colored straws you can get at any grocery store. It would be so great to do this type of look in a kid’s room, they could make the ornaments. The how-to is simple: Cut 3 straws on one color, and 3 of another, cut them all in half and gather into a group. Tie them altogether in the center with twine or sturdy string, leaving a long tail. Pull tightly, knot, then bend straws into a starburst shape. Use the tail of the string to create a hanging loop. You can make a larger one for the top of the tree by using the full length of the straw (don’t cut them in half).
(Sorry, I don’t have a source for this one). These sweet little ornaments would make great gift toppers for packages or even embellishing a Christmas cards. The recipient could then hang it on their tree. Make something like this using felt (you could use sweater scraps from the wreath). Cut it into a fancy ornament-type shape, and glue any kind of pretty ribbon, trim, sequins, whatever you have in your craft room on one or both sides.
From Marie Claire Idees December 2007. I really want to make these with my kids either this year or next Christmas. Buy plain round ball ornaments, or cover a small round inflated balloon with paper mache. When dry, you can paint and embellish (I love the one with what looks like upholstery studs).
This wreath image is also from Marie Claire Idees (December 2006). Just knot torn strips of your favorite fabric and cover a wire wreath form.

Taken from Design Sponge.

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